• Sigit Auliana Universitas Bina Bangsa
  • Basuki Rakhim Setya Permana Universitas Bina Bangsa
  • Kevin Pedro Qozzo Universitas Bina Bangsa
  • Hadi Kurniawanto Universitas Bina Bangsa



Frame work, Penjualan Kemeja, Web, CodeIgniter 4


In the rapidly evolving digital era, distribution businesses require an efficient and integrated sales information system to enhance operational performance and customer service. This research aims to implement a web-based shirt sales information system using the CodeIgniter 4 framework for distro distrobutor. The research methodology encompasses stages of needs analysis, system design, implementation using CodeIgniter 4, and application testing. The needs analysis process is conducted to understand user requirements and the business characteristics of distribution distributors. Meanwhile, system design involves database design, user interface, and application architecture. Implementation utilizes the outstanding features of CodeIgniter 4 to construct a responsive and easily manageable sales application.

The anticipated outcome of this research is expected to provide a positive contribution to improving the efficiency of clothing sales in distribution distributors. With the adoption of the CodeIgniter 4 framework, it is hoped that the system can deliver an optimal user experience and support the daily operations of distro distrobutor. Additionally, this research is expected to serve as a reference for developers and business owners in adopting information technology on a broader scale in the clothing distribution industry


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How to Cite

Auliana, S. ., Permana, B. R. S. ., Qozzo, K. P. ., & Kurniawanto, H. . (2024). PENERAPAN FRAMEWORK CODEIGNITER 4 DALAM APLIKASI PENJUALAN PAKAIAN BERBASIS WEB PADA DISTRO DISTROBUTOR. National Conference on Applied Business, Education, &Amp; Technology (NCABET), 3(1), 455–466.